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9 Effective Tips to Keep Your Skin Ready for the Sun

9 Effective Tips to Keep Your Skin Ready for the Sun

The sun is up! Thankfully, this is the time when we don't really have to rely on heating (which is a major contributor to our high energy bills), so this is something that everyone is looking forward to. 

Apart from saving energy, this is also the perfect time for us to enjoy the world. The sun and temperature are rarely like this so what do we want to do? Take advantage. Travel. Go to the beach. Dip in the pool. Bathe under the sun. Have fun. 

But before we bask in the wonders of nature, we should also be careful about how to take care of the most exposed and highly sensitive wonder of our bodies - our skin. So here are 9 effective tips on how to keep your skin pretty, healthy, and hundred per cent ready to seize the season: 

1. Wear breathable clothes. 

One thing you don't want to experience in a time of heat is discomfort - and your outfit could be the key for you to avoid this. Wear tank tops, shirts, and blouses that are made up of soft fabric, particularly cotton. Leave your tight jeans and shirts especially if they are made of synthetic materials. These shirts can make you sweat faster which also leads to itch and infections. In the summer, keep it light and loose. 

2. Bring your hats and sunglasses. 

These may seem like an extra bulk on off-season days, but when it's summer, hats and sunglasses are a must. I repeat. They are a must. 

When picking sunglasses, go for the pair that covers your entire eye section from the brows to your zygoma (that's the bony part of your cheek). Wear a hat to keep your eyes, skin, and hair protected from the sun's radiation. It's a plus if the colour matches your summer wear too! 

3. Sunbathe, but don't get overbaked. 

While most of us want to get that tanned skin, it is important to limit ourselves based on the experts' most recommended time. The prickliest rays show off between 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 pm. If you have no choice, an umbrella and sunscreen could shield you. When applying sunscreen, make sure that the SPF is at least 15 - BUT when you're outdoors and will be staying there for a long period of time, an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended. 

4. Ditch the cigs. 

It may sound like a stress-reliever to some, but smoking is a bad trigger for your skin. Aside from the negative impact on your heart and lungs, it also narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of our skin, decreasing blood flow which makes our skin and lips paler. The repetitive facial expressions you make when you smoke (pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke) can also contribute to wrinkles. Smoke now, say hello to aged skin later. 

5. Check your meds. 

If your physician has prescribed medicines for you, ensure that their components will not increase your skin's sensitivity to sun exposure especially if the drugs include antibiotics, diuretics, cholesterol drugs, and more. Look at the label to know if there are restrictions that may impact your skin. 

6. Munch on fruits and veggies. 

Sweeten your summer with healthy snack selections such as strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. These fruits contain nutrients that are high in vitamin C which revitalises and beauties your skin. Cherries have melatonin which is good skin protection from UV and sunburn skin damage. For veggies, dark, green, and leafy ones are always the most nutritious choices. 

7. Hydrate. 

The sun’s heat will automatically get you thirsty, but it's better if you quench it earlier by drinking more water. If you could take more than 8 glasses a day, it's perfectly fine. And for some people who find water boring, you can also fill your glass with fresh juices such as watermelons and coconut water. Drinking water does not only help you be hydrated. It also flushes the unwanted toxins from your body that could make your skin look healthy

8. Moisturise. 

As we age, our skin gets more sensitive and prone to dryness. For seasons like this, the warm temperature and ultraviolet rays can make things worse. Putting on a moisturiser like the Bio Moisture Boost Serum helps your skin get enough hydration, especially when you're exposed to the sun for a long time, or when you're putting on make-up for your sun-lit selfies. 

Pro tip: during your skincare routine, it is recommended to use products with naturally-organic serums to keep your skin safe from harmful chemicals which are a major cause of dryness and obvious ageing. 

9. Choose the Stress-Free Route

Don't let the heat trigger your temper. Being mad, worried, and extra sensitive can bring out the worst of your breakouts and skin issues. For healthy skin - and a healthier mental state - find ways to manage your stress and emotions lightly. Rest when you get the chance, appreciate the simplest of adventures, celebrate your little wins, and be more confident about yourself. 

Keeping your skin protected is a must - regardless of what season we are in. These effective tips will surely do good not just on your skin, but also on your overall health. And when you're healthy, you're also happy, and you become more inspired to write and create that special story to remember!