How to Improve Skin's Health While Showering

How to Improve Skin's Health While Showering

Did you know that taking a shower once a day, washing with your hands rather than a flannel, and trying to cut your shower duration in half are some of the best practices that could significantly improve your skin’s health?


In a survey of 2,000 adults, it was discovered that they usually take a 10-minute shower, with 56% of them choosing a hot or even "boiling" temperature. 41% of respondents said they would take even longer showers if they had the time, and 7 out of 10 admit they turn up the water temperature during this season.


The ideal length of time in the shower is only five minutes, therefore they are already spending twice as much time there as they should. Furthermore, while it may be tempting to apply more heat when it's chilly, doing so might aggravate dry, itchy skin that is already there. 


Because of this study, skin experts in our team share ten showering practices for improved skin health and look:



  1. Use your hands to wash, instead of a flannel
  2. Always wash extremities, like ears, toes, and legs
  3. Aim to shower once a day
  4. Make sure to wash off all products properly
  5. Don't turn up the heat too much
  6. ... but similarly, don't force yourself to have a freezing cold shower
  7. No need to double cleanse if you're using a suitably moisturising body wash
  8. Use a 50p size dollop of product
  9. Wash your face at the sink after your shower with lukewarm water, as it's easier on the skin
  10. Pick products that nourish the skin, rather than strip it


When hot water is used on the skin, the blood vessels dilate in an attempt to cool the skin, which increases itching and irritation. With this, shorter showers are preferable because, particularly in places with hard water, the skin absorbs the luxury of a longer shower.


And, it’s not always necessary to wash twice after a shower. Although many people want their skin to feel perfectly clean because it seems more hygienic, having clean skin is not a prerequisite for having healthy skin, and it may even indicate that the products you're using are drying out your skin.


Additionally, hands are more effective than flannels, which can gather up a lot of germs if not washed frequently. Remember, lather does not equate to cleaner skin. We also advise using body wash and skincare products that increase hydration, and tailoring your product selections based on your skin and hair type.