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Why are Moisturisers More Important During Winter?

Why are Moisturisers More Important During Winter?

So, the cold weather is finally here. Apart from the chilly winter breeze, the need for heaters, and thicker clothing, this season also ushers dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin, sometimes making our faces and bodies feel unhealthy and uncomfortable.

And what do we need to avoid this? The power of moisturisers. 

Still, some people think that cleaning their face with just soap and water is enough, without realising that moisturising can lead to serious skin issues, especially in the winter months. Today, we will talk about the importance of moisturising during the winter season, and find which all-season skincare solution is right for you. 

Do You Need a Facial Moisturiser During Winter?

Now the question is – do you have to add facial moisturisers to your winter shopping list? Yes, you do. Facial moisturisers are essential for maintaining skin hydration, and this becomes particularly evident during the harsh winter months. 

Although some fortunate people may claim they never use facial moisturiser and still boast glowy skin, experts stress that moisturising offers benefits beyond hydration. If you’re wondering why, your skin type determines how much moisturisation you need. If you have naturally oily skin, you may find that you don't require as much moisturiser because the natural oils on your face help maintain adequate hydration. 

Dr. Kimberly Lee, a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon explains that genetics also influence your skin's ability to retain natural moisture, potentially delaying the early signs of ageing.

Conversely, if you have combination or dry skin, the importance of moisturising is magnified, especially when temperatures plummet. In the cold, dry air of winter, your skin can lose its natural moisture, leading to dehydration, dryness, irritation, and flaking. Indoor heating exacerbates the situation by reducing humidity. 

Depending on where you live, cold winds and freezing temperatures can damage your skin's natural protective barrier, making it more susceptible to moisture loss and dryness.

Other factors that contribute to skin dryness include using hot water, exposure to harsh chemicals or environmental pollutants, and having a history of eczema, according to Dr. Justine Park, a board-certified dermatologist. This means that while some people may need to moisturise more in the winter, others may require additional hydration in the summer, especially if they spend time in chlorinated pools.

How do I choose the Right Moisturiser for winter?

We’ve all been there. Considering the thousands of skincare brands, choosing the most appropriate skin moisturiser can be difficult, especially for those who are not aware of their skin types. 

Generally, we recommend avoiding moisturisers that contain additives like fragrances, parabens, and alcohol, as these ingredients can potentially have a drying effect on the skin. Moreover, high alcohol concentrations may do more harm than good, particularly if your goal is to hydrate your skin.

When selecting a moisturiser, look for skincare products that contain organic ingredients such as ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. These ingredients have been proven effective in maintaining skin hydration. Beyond that, keep your skin type in mind when choosing a moisturiser; for example, individuals with oily skin should opt for lightweight, non-comedogenic products to prevent pore clogging.

And don't forget about sun protection! This winter, UV rays can still harm your skin, even on cloudy days. Look for moisturisers that contain SPF, or invest in a separate sunscreen product with a higher SPF rating for added protection.

Our top recommendation: Bio Moisture Boost Serum

When it comes to choosing the perfect moisturiser this winter, what we highly recommend is Tonik Skincare's Bio Moisture Boost Serum. This serum takes skincare to a whole new level – not only hydration, but also skin contouring, smoothing, and lifting.

Unlike other moisturisers for winter, the Bio Moisture Boost Serum delivers a multi-dimensional hyaluronic glow that illuminates your skin's surface, and what's even more remarkable is that this luminous radiance lasts and lasts. 

Why should I get the Bio Moisture Boost Serum this winter?

With years of testing and thousands of customers across Europe, the benefits of using the Bio Moisture Boost Serumare numerous, making it a top recommendation not only for skincare enthusiasts by health professionals like yours truly.

By simply applying a small amount directly to your skin twice daily, you can harness the effects of the Bio Moisture Boost Serum, boasting a potent blend of 5 differently-weighted hyaluronic acid molecules.

Beyond hydration during winter, the Bio Moisture Boost Serum also targets to reduce the look of deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines, giving your skin a smoother, more youthful glow. 

Concerned about sagging cheeks? Tonik’s product can also make them appear tauter, lifted, and weightless. It addresses the loss of skin elasticity, which is a common issue as we age. With its focus on deep penetration and natural ingredients, the Bio Moisture Boost Serum ensures that your skin remains not only well-hydrated but also beautiful. 

Get the Bio Moisture Boost Serum Now!

As the winter season settles in, you should be ready to conquer the challenges of your skin. By understanding your skin's unique needs and selecting the perfect moisturiser like the Moisture Boost Serum, you can ensure that your skin remains healthy, hydrated, and glowing, no matter the weather! 

Shop your Bio Moisture Boost Serum and have a wonderful winter season ahead!