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How a Dose of Vitamin C can do Wonders to Your Health and Beauty

How a Dose of Vitamin C can do Wonders to Your Health and Beauty

Here comes a new season, and so did the viruses that cause flu, coughs, and colds. But thanks to Vitamin C, we are able to boost our immune system to fight against these illnesses. 

However, did you know that Vitamin C also has this magical protecting power - not just for your body, but also your beauty?

The Untold Power of Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects your skin from the so-called free radical damage. 

If this term seems foreign to you, these are the unstable molecules that cause fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and uneven skin tone - especially when you’re above 30. By neutralising free radicals, Vitamin C adds an extra layer of protection while keeping the skin looking young and radiant. 

Vitamin C to Boost Your C

The C I'm referring to is the protein that gives your skin structure and elasticity - Collagen, of course. Our bodies produce less of it as we age. However, by taking Vitamin C on a regular basis, you can boost collagen production, which firms, tightens, and smoothens your skin.

Vitamin C to Unleash your Beauty

And yes, it’s giving more than just the health benefits. Looking at the aesthetic side - which is quite a big deal for our lovely ladies, Vitamin C also brightens your skin and reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

Through the Vitamin C’s capability to reduce melanin, it evens out the skin tone and leaves your complexion brighter and more nourished. If you want faster results, we recommend you to get a natural Vitamin C serum

Here’s a pro tip for you: When looking for Vitamin C products for your skin, choose naturally organic brands that contain ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, or magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. 

Highly recommended is the Tonik Skincare Vitamin C Skin Refiner, made up of the highest dose of Vitamin C possible. A single bottle is packed with organic, natural and dermatologist-approved ingredients that get absorbed through the skin more quickly than other skincare brands. 

Vitamin C for another C – Confidence! 

Along with the health benefits, Vitamin C also gives you long-lasting beauty and freshness, making you feel more confident about yourself! No more doubts in going out, showing off, and living the best, beautiful life you can ever have!