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6 Easy Ways to Prevent Split Ends and Hair Breakage

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Split Ends and Hair Breakage

When the ends of strands of hair become too dry, they tend to break - or split. 

Hair with split ends is usually extremely dry. However, not all ends are split evenly. Some curly hair types may split due to knots. With thirsty ends, some split ends may come in a Y-shape. 

The good news is that with the proper split end therapy, these can potentially be sealed. Other forms of split ends cannot be repaired and must be cut promptly. Whatever stage you're at, an effective split end treatment will keep your hair healthy and lustrous.

What Causes Split Ends in Hair?

Split ends are caused by many factors including excessive usage of blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and other heat-producing equipment. If you use sulfate-containing hair treatments, colouring, bleach, and hair products, you’re also likely to damage your hair. 

Moreover, getting too exposed to sunshine, chlorine, cigarette smoke, or air pollution, and some hair ties can also do harm to your hair, leading to breakage and split ends. 

How Can I Prevent Split Ends?

There are simple ways to removing split ends, and we've listed the best split end treatment ideas for you to try out below. 

  1. Avoid over-shampooing. A daily shampoo removes natural oils from the hair - and not all oils are harmful. When shampooing, choose a product that will also rejuvenate and enrich your hair with keratin and is suitable for color-treated hair, which is prone to split ends.
  2. Dry gently. Use gentle towels to avoid ruffling your hair. You can also use a t-shirt to wrap around instead of producing friction and extra knots.
  3. Comb with caution. Comb your hair while it's dry, not wet. A wide-toothed comb may be your best option. Also, begin brushing from the mid-shift to the bottom to work your way up through any knots.
  4. Avoid tie knots. While friction of ties may be acceptable, adding tougher metal may cause greater harm. Alternatively, silk scrunchies can be worn.
  5. Say no to too hot showers. Heat dries out the hair, while cold water seals the cuticles. Don't spend too much time on too-hot showers.
  6. Get regular haircuts. Let go of your ends to take care of them. Cutting your split ends is the fastest solution, but there are still other ways to repair and keep them healthy and long in the longer run. 

Also best for split ends, we recommend using the organic Universal Restorative Balm. This 100% natural recipe comes from ancient Egypt, created to moisturise, nourish, regenerate and repair – not only your skin, but also your hair.

Aside from repairing split ends, the Universal Restorative Balm can also be used as a hand cream, a lip balm, moisturiser for elbows, ankles, and heels, and as a facial repair mask.  It works as an intense moisturiser for all your body and face’s extra dry areas -- Tonik's perfect all-in-one!