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Can I use serums for my lashes?

Can I use serums for my lashes?

Just like how you take care of your head’s crowning glory, it’s also vital to take care of your eyes’ which are your lashes. These tiny hairs do not just exist for beauty. Most importantly, they’re here to protect your eyes from harmful elements such as dust and debris that can cause injuries. 

One way to protect your eyes is by making sure that your lashes are healthy, and you can do so by applying natural serums specifically made for lashes. If you’re wondering what other benefits do lash serums do, here are some of the most notable ones:

Increased lash length

Lash serums typically contain active ingredients, such as peptides, biotin, or vitamins, that nourish and strengthen the lashes. With regular use, these ingredients can stimulate the hair follicles, leading to increased lash growth and longer lashes.

Enhanced lash thickness

Aside from making them longer, lash serums can also help to improve the density and thickness of your lashes. The active ingredients in the serum nourish and condition the lashes, making them appear fuller and more voluminous.

Darker lashes

Some lash serums contain ingredients that can help darken the lashes, giving them a more dramatic and defined look. This is particularly beneficial for people with lighter or sparser lashes. With this, you no longer have to put your mascara on!

Reduced lash breakage

Lash serums strengthen the lash follicles and nourish the lashes, making them less prone to breakage. This can be especially beneficial for people who frequently use mascara or lash extensions, as these can cause damage and breakage over time.

Convenience and cost-effectiveness

Using a lash serum is a convenient alternative to other lash-enhancing options such as eyelash extensions or false lashes. Lash serums can be applied at home, and they typically require less maintenance and cost significantly less than other methods in the long run.

Natural-looking results

Unlike false lashes or extensions, lash serums provide a more natural and gradual enhancement to your lashes. Over time, the lashes grow naturally, blending seamlessly with your existing lashes, and giving you a more subtle and authentic look.

If you wish to achieve all of the pros we mentioned above, we recommend you to get Tonik Skincare’s Lash Boost Serum. It’s made of nutrient-rich combination of peptide and grape stem cell extract for naturally longer, stronger, and more beautiful lashes!